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Should You Trade Via Dark Pools

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Questions pertaining to the authenticity of the Fincrowd app and the usefulness of dark pools are tricky and hard to answer. There is always contradicting evidence and players who believe in the usefulness of both Fincrowd app and dark pools will vociferously argue their case and fight against any bans and regulations that might be placed on them.

If we understand the advantages and disadvantages of dark pools probably we can make an informed decision on whether to trade or not.

Advantages of dark pool

  • Minimal impact on the market: The very reason for the birth of the dark pool was to reduce the market impact. As a result, there will be no financial repercussions unless there is an information leakage.
  • Reduced transaction costs: Unlike regular trading where transaction costs are high due to the involvement of exchange fees, in dark pools, the costs of the transactions are lower as there are no exchange fees involved.
  • Can be used by everyone: Though initially it was aimed at only institutional investment, nowadays many dark pools are allowing smaller orders from small traders. Since the execution orders have come down they plan to increase liquidity which will result when the market is flooded with several participants and a surge of orders at varying prices.

Disadvantages of dark pool

  • The actual market rate is not reflected: If a company sells its stock in dark pools, it makes a profit but the novice investor will lose money as the market does not reflect the actual price which will change when the knowledge of the sale becomes public.
  • Don’t know the other participants: In the dark pool when you sell your stocks you will not have any knowledge of who the other participants are and if they will be interested in buying your stock. There is a lot of risk and volatility involved here.
  • You might not get the best price: The lack of transparency can work for and against those trading in dark pools. On the flipside, you can never be sure you got the best price.
  • Delay in filling orders: Since you don’t know who the participants are and if what you want is there or not there will be a delay in filling orders, unlike the open exchange. And in matters of trade time is of the essence.

The final verdict

Contrary to common belief, dark pools are not the Black market but are highly regulated bodies. It is mandatory for all dark pools to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial industry regulatory authority. Their accounts are regularly audited just like any other exchange. So, it is a very individual take on whether you should trade via the dark pools or not.

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Can A Good Trading Strategy Make You Rich?

Can A Good Trading Strategy Make You Rich?

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Trading Strategy |

Trading with stocks and other types of assets can be very profitable, but it can also be very disappointing. Of course, the feeling, in the end, will depend on the result of your trades, and the percentage of wins determines the overall satisfaction level. That is why many people are turning to binary trading as a system that offers better chances of success, and traders from all over the world are investing in binary options. The simplicity of this method allows almost everyone to become a trader, and you could join this grand arena even if you have no previous experience in the field of financial transactions and stock markets.

Since we all want more money and larger profits in our lives, binary trading can be the perfect solution to earn a living. However, not everything is simple with this plan, and certain “sacrifices” are necessary before money starts going your way. First of all, new traders must learn that hard work and dedication are an integral part of success in life, and binary options are no exception to this rule. Also, they need to invest their hard-earned money in an intelligent and cautious manner, and the use of a suitable trading strategy can significantly increase their chances of making massive profits.




A systematic approach to trading can bring many positive things to your trading career, and that is why experts and seasoned analysts have created various trading strategies. One of the essential reasons for having a trading plan is the fact that humans are emotional, and we often lose control over our actions.

Greed and other similar emotions sometimes take over, or we make rash decisions because of some other cause, but this occurrence happens frequently, and that is why strategies are obligatory. Keeping a clear head and maintaining your expectations under control is a sure way to reach your goals in the long run.

Since losses are inevitable in this business, and no one has ever achieved 100% accuracy over an extended period, strategies can help minimize the risk and, therefore, save our hard-earned money. Losses will happen from time to time, but if we invest our funds in agreement with our plan – the losses will not be so devastating, and we will keep some money in reserve.


Money management tactics and investing plans are easy to find, but it takes a lot of discipline and self-control to apply them successfully. However,  trading website, such as, can act as a helpful tool. These programs can be customized to place the trades in a particular manner, and you can limit the number of trades per day, amount of losses, and so on. Your strategy can be the guideline for the software, and this allows for a much efficient trading process. We have to admit that computers are better than humans in some areas and some activities, and placing a lot of trades in a very short period is one example of this superiority.

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The Importance Of Discipline In Binary Trading

The Importance Of Discipline In Binary Trading

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Binary, Trading Strategy |

The grand arena of the global financial market is a “place” that attracts millions of people, and professions such as a stock broker, analyst, and similar ones are desired by many. Of course, one of the main reasons for this popularity is the fact that massive profits are a part of this world, and traders want to join the party and to have a piece of the cake. Admittedly, we all want bigger salaries and more money in our lives, simply because financial independence and stability bring a lot of benefits and positive things into our everyday lives.

One of the areas of the financial market that are experiencing tremendous growth in popularity is called binary trading, and this trading system is spreading its reach to almost all parts of the world. A lot of companies are offering their services to traders who want to invest more and more of their hard-earned funds through this trading method. The process of making a trade with binary options is fast, efficient, and convenient, which makes it perfect for people without any significant experience in the financial world. However, not everything is nice and shiny with binary trading, and disappointments can also be part of this activity if certain precautions are not taken on time.




Binary trading can be a very lucrative endeavor, but only if you take careful steps forward and if you keep your expectations under control. Dedication and ambitions will take you far, but it is vital that you avoid the obstacles that await down the road.

For example, losses will inevitably happen from time to time, but traders must remain calm and keep a “clear head” when a losing streak occurs. Discipline and self-control are highly important in those moments, and a lot of traders make a mistake of placing larger investments and chasing a win at all costs.  In the end, the results are often disappointing and even disastrous in some cases, and that is why emotions should never take over control.




A systematic approach is useful in many areas of life, and financial transactions are no exception. Almost all traders nowadays use money management tactics and trading strategies, and newcomers should pay particular attention to this segment of the trading process. A good and reliable approach can help minimize the risk, and the profits can gradually increase over time while your losses will be kept under control.

Again, discipline and self-control are required, and without those two elements – your trading career can be over in a very short period. Luckily for some traders, trading websites can be of help, and one such example is Top 10 Binary Strategy. This sophisticated program can place the trades on behalf of the trader, and everything that the software does can be customized and adjusted to suit the strategy of the user. Whether the user wants a low-risk or a high-risk approach to trading, trading programs can act on the basis of the predetermined parameters set by the trader, and this can bring massive profits your way.

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The Essential Elements For A Successful Career In Binary Trading

The Essential Elements For A Successful Career In Binary Trading

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Binary Elements, Trading Strategy |

Trading with various kinds of assets is an activity that attracts millions of people from all over the world, and they all want to be a part of this grand arena because of the promises of massive profits that can come with this type of trading. Admittedly, we all are willing to earn more money and to have bigger salaries, and this tendency is probably rooted deep into our system and has something to do with survival instincts. In the battle for a better lifestyle, we choose the best weapons that we can get our hands on, and binary options are a method that can be the perfect solution for anyone looking to make a fortune by trading on the global financial market.

Binary trading can be very rewarding and profitable, and this system is also perfect for people who do not have a lot of experience in the stock market or similar areas. Because the trading process with binary options is straightforward and easy to understand, newcomers can quickly grasp the basics and start investing their funds. Of course, the beginnings are always hard, and careful actions are necessary for the early days, but binary trading can be a pleasant and enjoyable activity if the proper components and elements are incorporated.



The role of a broker house in the process of trading binary options is immense, and these companies are the ones who provide their clients with assets for trading. The most common types of assets are indices, currency pairs, stocks, and commodities, but many other kinds are also present on the current financial scene.

Broker companies should be licensed and regulated, and traders need to pay particular attention to the legitimacy of the broker house before they sign up with one of them. Click here to find  an example of a reliable and professional broker house, and this company already has a long-lasting history in this business and a respectable customer base.

When it comes to the trading software binary robots and trading signals are also an integral part of the modern trading process. These tools are very helpful to traders who do not have enough time to perform a lot of research and data analysis, and useful software solutions are more than welcome in those cases. Furthermore, these programs can increase the number of trades, which can consequently result in higher profits.



Besides programs and tools that can facilitate the trading process, it is imperative that traders apply a reliable trading strategy to their investments. A systematic approach to trading will eventually lead to success, and money management tactics and trading plans can minimize the risks and lower the losses.

Also, trading strategies can help when emotions take effect, and humans have a problem with losing control and making rash decisions from time to time. In those moments, a good strategy can save you from bankruptcy or some similar consequence, and that is why experts recommend that every trader uses a suitable trading plan.

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Why Binary Trading Is So Popular

Why Binary Trading Is So Popular

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Popular Trading, Trading Strategy |

The global financial market is an area that offers a lot of possibilities and business opportunities, and it is relatively easy to earn money through various forms of trading. One of the systems that is becoming more and popular is binary trading, and this method can be your ticket for entering the grand arena of stock markets and similar transactions. Binary options do not have a long-lasting history since they were introduced only a couple of years ago, but the features of this system are good enough to make anyone willing to invest their hard-earned money.

Many people who did not have any previous experience with the financial trading have made a fortune by trading binary options, and this method can be highly rewarding and profitable.

However, nothing in life comes without a price, and a lot of hard work and dedication are necessary for a successful career in binary trading. The actual process of making a trade is simple as it gets, but the background to this step requires a lot of research and a lot of market analysis.




As we already mentioned, the process of making a trade with binary options is simple and straightforward so users can quickly seal the deal and wait for the outcome. Binary trading does not include the activity of buying the asset, such is the case with the traditional forms of trading on the stock market, and this fact makes the process more convenient and more efficient. Several types of assets are usually available with every broker house on the market, and those types are: stocks, indices, currency pairs, commodities.

The task of the trader when he wants to trade with binary options is to predict the movement of prices of certain assets accurately. Since the prices are always moving up or down under the influence of social or political events, it is not so easy to “see into the future” and make a good guess. Also, binary options have a limited expiry date, and the end of this period marks the end of the deal, which means that traders will know if their investment was profitable or not.



The promises of enormous amounts that can be earned through binary trading are mostly exaggerated and unrealistic, but this method can still be very lucrative if the proper techniques and strategies are applied. Besides trading strategies and money management tactics, binary trading relies on the help of technological advancements, such as various forms of trading software. One such example is Binary Option Robot.

This automated trading software can additionally increase the profitability of binary options, and a lot more trades can be placed with the help of binary robots than humans could ever put on their own. More deals equals more opportunities for a massive profit, and this simple formula is respected by the vast majority of today’s traders. High chances of earning some money are something that attracts millions to this system, and binary trading will probably experience even bigger growth in the upcoming years.

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Tips And Tricks On How To Apply Binary Trading Strategies

Tips And Tricks On How To Apply Binary Trading Strategies

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in Binary Option, Trading Strategy |

Binary trading is a form of trading that is taking over the world in the last couple of years, and people from all parts of the globe are interested in the method, and they want to invest money in this system. The profitability of binary trading and the simplicity of this model are already well-known in the financial circles, and traders are satisfied with the results and profits. Of course, we are all looking for ways to increase our earnings and salaries, and binary options can be a great source of additional income. It is relatively easy to enter the grand arena of binary trading, but those massive amounts of money that are promised by some commercials are “highly unlikely” going your way.

However, small and consistent winnings can pile up over an extended period, and this means that binary trading can indeed bring a lot of money to your bank account. But, without a proper plan and a good trading strategy, everything will be pointless, and the entire endeavor will result in disappointment or even bankruptcy. That is why it is imperative that traders apply a reliable strategy and money management tactic even before they deposit their hard-earned funds.




Working with a lot of money can be stressful and tempting, and humans are often susceptible to challenges and they have difficulties to resist the lure of “more money”.

But, when it comes to binary trading, it is crucial that expectations are kept under control and that emotional reactions are completely eliminated. Of course, this requires a lot of self-control and discipline, because we often want to make up for our losses by investing additional funds or we are “feeling lucky” after a few successful trades, and we want to increase our investments. Rash decisions like these will usually result in a disaster, and that is why traders should always follow the guidelines of their trading plan.




Planning is necessary for all areas of human activity, and we know how chaotic things can become when plans get disrupted. The same law applies to binary trading, and trading strategies can minimize the risks and increase your profits at the same time. Also, strategies can be combined with automated trading software, such is Free Money System, and this can further increase the odds of landing a massive profit. Binary robots can be customized to suit the needs of individual traders, and they can set the parameters in agreement with their trading strategy.

Setting the number of trades per day or a number of daily losses is just some of the options that are a part of a trading plan, and these limits can vary depending on the trader’s personal ideas and preferences. Some traders like to take risks, and their trading is more adventurous while others are taking a more careful approach and their investments are planned to perfection.

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